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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return an item(s)?

15 days satisfied or refunded from the receipt of goods

The best is to make the step as soon as possible, that said the procedure is easy and fast here are the steps to follow:
- you send us an e-mail to make a return on one or more products that do not satisfy you (tell us what you displeased in passing)
- we send you a return label by e-mail
-you print the label and drop the package in a relay point of one of our partners
-As soon as we receive the parcel, we refund you
And there you go, nothing complicated.

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My package arrived broken

What to do when the delivery men have played soccer with your package?

No worries, either we refund you or we send you another package. You have the choice.

Tell us in the contact form, adding a picture of the damaged package.

The products are made in what?

Unlike our competitors, we want to be 100% transparent.

Our products are tested and must meet very strict specifications. We are particularly careful that our products respect the sanitary and qualitative standards of the countries where we sell.

In any country in the world, you should know that 95% of our products generally come from Asian countries.

Our stocks are located in several places in the world to ensure the fastest possible delivery.

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Are the coupon codes cumulative?

Welcome code, promotions on several identical items?

Yes, promotional codes are cumulative, so don't hesitate to add all the promotional codes you have in your shopping cart page

Can I track my order?


Once you have placed your order in the "My Account" area, you can track your order by entering the order number and the billing email. If you do not have this information displayed for any reason contact us.

How are the prices calculated?

In order to maintain our organization we are transparent with you. We need to make an average of 17% margin on each product, without this we cannot offer the products in our catalog.

How to contact us ?

Nothing could be easier, just fill out the form on the "Contact" page or chat directly with us on our Facebook page.

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